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value-added services

Core Finishing, Inc. offers several in-house services that complement our coating services.

Value-added services

Tell us about your parts, needs, budget, and ideal finished appearance and the Core Finishing team will be happy
to provide solutions!

Precision Masking

Need to retain the ground ability of your parts? Does the final assembly of your part require that certain areas are not coated to ensure that the parts fit together? 


Masking means covering the areas of your parts that cannot or do not need to be coated before the coating process begins.  

The Core Finishing Method

Our precision maskers carefully cover areas of your parts that should not be coated as detailed in your specifications.

We have experience with a variety of masking needs and we are happy to advise you on your masking needs. Let us know which sections of your parts can and cannot be coated and our precision-trained masking experts will ensure your finished part is flawless!

Silk Screening

Whether you want to add a logo, incorporate multiple colors, or add other information to your parts, Core Finishing can use silk screening to meet your unique business needs.

The Core Finishing Method

Core Finishing has five in-house silk screening stations, as well as a UV screening station for quick turn-around jobs. 

Our team will craft customized screens or your metal or plastic parts as detailed in your specifications.


Many parts that move through our facility need to be coated and put together. Core Finishing has plenty of experience in the area (ISO 9001:2015 certified) and can easily assemble your product after it comes off of the coating line to save you time and money!


The Core Finishing Method

We can apply bolts, rivets, glue, or staples to your parts if needed. Stencils, labels, and silk screening are also easy adds-on options.

Once coating and assembly are finished, the Core Finishing team can have your product shipped to the final destination.

Shipping & Delivery

We can ship your parts wherever they need to go!

Core Finishing's trained staff is well-versed in finding the best, safest, and most cost-effective way to get your overweight, unusually shaped, or unique parts to their final destination.

The Core Finishing Method

Have a preferred shipping service? We can work with you to get your items back to you when and how you want!

Need local deliveries? Core Finishing can pick up your products before a project begins and delivery them back to your upon completion of the project. 

We can also ship your coated product to your final customer to eliminate excess movement of your packages.

Our team can package, wrap, document, and invoice your parts so that they arrive at their destination with the same care that you would have provided. We want to help you look good!

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