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Powder Coating

Powder coating is the best method for professional looking parts, with a durable (anti-corrosive) finish.

Powder coating allows a bond to form between a part (metal substrate) and powder (dried paint). The bond is stronger than traditional liquid paints, plus the process is faster and cleaner.

Powder mixtures contain all of the pigment and curing agents needed to provide a high-quality finished surface that is protected from corrosion.

This technique allows powder to adhere to grounded metal and plastic substrate parts via electrostatic spray deposition. In other words, the powder is strongly attracted to grounded surfaces; so, when the powder is sprayed its electrically charged particles easily adhere to the parts.

Next, the parts move to a curing/baking oven where the heat develops the color of the paint and creates a finish that is resistant to breakdown.

The Core Finishing Method 


Let's start with the powder. You can provide the powder or we can work with you to determine the best paint for your parts. If needed, our precision maskers will cover the sections of your parts that can't be exposed to the powder.


Next, our coating team will hang your parts on the chain-on-edge paint line (a conveyor belt system that moves through a loading area for hanging parts, to a coating booth, then a curing/baking oven). Then the team will use the Prodigy On Demand Powder Coating Gun System to spray powder onto your parts as they move down the automated line.

Ready to Powder Coat Your Parts?

Tell us about your parts, needs, budget, and ideal finished appearance. We're more than happy to advise you on which coating service is right for your project.

We can also help with product assembly, as well as shipping & delivery!

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